Language Assessment

We Customize every language test to our
clients exact needs

Passing a grammer or Vocabulary test does not prepare you for real life. There are too many people out there who can pass all the tests you want and still can’t communicate in everyday situations with everyday people. That’s why our testing services go deeper than vocabulary and grammer and force our examinees to prove to us that they can communicate. Our tests involve real life speaking, listening,reading and writing tasks where the examinee not only has use proper grammar / vocabulary but also must adhere to the cultural, social, and rhetorical norms of the situation. They must not talk over the heads of people, and must not talk down to them. Only truly fluent, communicatively competent language users can do this, and they’re the only people we hire.

Advanced Linguistics Services provides language testing for the U.S. Department of Defense as well as other government agencies and businesses around the world. We have the capability to develop and administer thousands of tests each year thanks to our experienced evaluators and innovative technology. We deliver accurate, reliable, results.

  • Our testing services include assessments for:
  • Medical Language
  • Translation Skills
  • Interpretation Skills
  • Oral Skill (Speaking and Listening)
  • Textual Skill (Reading and Writing)
  • Audio Translation

We customize every language test to our clients’ exact needs. Standardized tests can never fit what you need exactly. Contact us to get started, or for more information.