We find, test, train, and place people
with those vital real-world skills

Sometimes you need people who have language skills now.But how you can assess someone’s language ability .Anyone can call themselves “fluent” and show you a degree.But in the real world, degrees are often next to useless.If someone doesn’t know how locals talk,and how they expect you to talk,their language “skills” are not worth much.We find,test,train, and place people with those vital real-world skills.Don’t take any chances,get the best.Get ALS.

Global reach

What if the best person for your open position is a local, thousands of miles away? Don’t limit yourself to a geographical region, and don’t limit your search to the kind of person you expect. Limit yourself only to the best possible candidate. ALS has the know-how, the people, and the tools to span the globe in search of your next hire.Contact us to get started.